Infrastructure security


Today, preventing security incidents is more important than ever. It is therefore crucial to entrust it to the hands of experienced cybersecurity experts. By securing your future, we make your company disappear off the radar of attackers who have unethical intentions and are driven by the desire to cause serious damage.

Experts working for AFINE have many years of experience in providing solid cybersecurity solutions and radically strengthening organizations’ ability to defend against attackers. 

It allows us to transform our clients into safe organizations. As shown in recent years, the everyday reality of the vast majority of enterprises operating in the field of technological innovations is full of challenges posed by the increasing activities of attackers.

Additional obstacles in the day-to-day operations of our clients are the need to meet complex regulatory requirements and the prospect of tougher financial penalties if they fail to comply with them. Given the changes that are constantly happening, the value of digital resources owned by organizations increases in parallel with the risk and the possible losses in case of any security breaches.

  • Penetration tests

    At each stage of the long-term practice, rich in spectacular results in the area of identifying system weaknesses, our clients appreciate us for a highly comprehensive approach, consisting of, among others, a reliable assessment of the security of the IT environment as a whole.

    Taking into account the non-technical aspects of penetration testing, our clients have at their disposal world-class experts, ready to work out a noticeable, positive change in the sphere of their approach to cybersecurity.

    One of the many benefits of working with AFINE is the possibility of conducting pentests of processes inside the organization in order to verify their effectiveness and correctness of operation. This is crucial when updating systems and when managing their configuration.

    Depending on the environment you are testing, as a part of your pentests (internal or external) you will learn the current and exact status of:

    • security of your network devices,
    • security level of routing protocols,
    • vulnerabilities to known network attacks (e.g., ARP spoofing, VLAN hopping, etc.),
    • safety of equipment within the network (servers, workstations),
    • security of services located on each device and equipment available on the network,
    • unauthorized devices (e.g., an unauthorized wireless device connected to the network),
    • security of remote access to the organization,
    • filtering of internal and external communication (e.g., firewall configuration, IDS / IPS, WAF),
    • configuration of communication with resources (e.g., TLS or IPsec configuration),
    • the possibility of obtaining unauthorized access to data (e.g., financial data or business secrets),
    • effectiveness of security mechanisms and environmental supervision (for example the effectiveness of SOC departments),
    • the possibility of obtaining unauthorized access to key network resources (e.g., domain administrator rights or control over databases of major systems in the organization),
    • vulnerability to DoS (Denial of Service) attacks.

    When it comes to the infrastructure penetration testing offered by AFINE, you can be sure that all tests are performed by the best testers, who work using their own in-depth experience, and not automated tools.

    Depending on your individual needs, we can offer you:

    • An external infrastructure and application security assessment – external penetration test,
    • An internal infrastructure and application security assessment – internal penetration test.
  • OT/ICS infrastructure

    The competitive advantage of enterprises using OT / ICS technologies in their operational activities results directly from their care for a high level of cybersecurity. 

    Violations of the security of systems by unauthorized persons with dishonest intentions may lead to damages which may be difficult to remove, or even to the stoppage of entire production processes. The resulting downtime turns out to be very costly and risky for the continuity of business. 

    The extensive consequences of cyberattacks coming from many directions include a high business risk, which may disrupt the functioning of industrial networks and the technologies used. Taking appropriate steps to protect critical infrastructure and assets is essential to ensuring the smooth running of operations.

    Depending on your individual needs, we can offer you:

    • verification of the OT / ICS network architecture,
    • verification of the separation of OT network from IT network,
    • verification of individual PLC / RTU / DCS devices,
    • security verification of HMI / SCADA solutions,
    • security verification of the protocols used,
    • verification of low-level security of solutions (e.g., firmware analysis, vulnerability search in protocols / network stack, etc.).
  • Cloud solutions

    Cloud computing has become one of the most important driving forces behind the development of modern companies, transforming the landscape of technology departments and local server rooms. To effectively protect sensitive data stored within it from security breaches, privacy abuse and serious incidents, it is important to create a comprehensive strategy and anticipate adverse events before they happen.

    Depending on your individual needs, we can offer you: 

    • a thorough review of the architecture of your Cloud solution in terms of the optimal use of available technologies, as well as the most effective approach to the security of the processed information,
    • detailed overview of configuration settings, users access and platform components, which will help achieve full compliance with current best practices and regulations.



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