We offer comprehensive improvement of the existing security systems.

The current omnipresent digitalization means the creators of commercial games and applications need to constantly improve and update their security. As proved by the wave of recent incidents, previously applied strategies which get outdated quickly are not enough to deal with the ever-growing number of challenges in the gambling industry. 

Requirements and good practices set as an example to architects, programmers, and testers in all phases of the product life cycle, from choosing solutions and individual stages of design and testing, through run-time, to a long product development process, quickly get outdated, obliging them to reach for more effective measures.

That is why the gambling sector needs wide solutions, verified during various works carried out by experienced cybersecurity professionals.

Practical approach to cybersecurity, which means determining an appropriate level of priority for information security, along with the marking of the directions of its further development, directly translates to the success of any project in the field of new technologies. At the same time, it helps eliminate the prospect of potential turbulence, which may disturb the way the products are working.

The same is true when it comes to games and gambling apps, which have the functionality of lottery, casinos, or bookmakers – it is equally important to take decisive actions to protect sensitive data of their registered users.

Online lotteries, bookmakers, games, and entire casinos have a significant impact on the technologies accompanying them and on the IT world. Cybercriminals choose them as their targets due to the possibilities of making financial fraud (also due to errors in games) and of potential leaks of personal data.

To face the hackers and prevent their attacks it is necessary to quickly implement symmetrical defense activities. 

Violation of cybersecurity rules by entities or entire teams, in addition to causing significant damage and destabilization of defense mechanisms, is also aimed at achieving the greatest profits. That is why the investment in effective and long-term protection is always a decision that benefits our clients.

  • Why AFINE?

    At AFINE, we specialize in detection and elimination of potential threats. Together with our clients we raise the quality of the security measures they use to minimize the risk of cyberattacks.

    By checking the possibilities of each application and how it deals with controlled attacks we grasp the occurring complications and come ahead of the negative effects of their possible discovery by unauthorized persons. Estimation of the scale of potential losses that would accompany the real incident is an immanent part of our work. 

    At Afine, we are constantly improving our strategy. We deliver the best solutions, adapted to the individual requirements of our clients. Our experience and expertise allow us to eliminate problems before they happen. 

  • Our services and areas of expertise:

    • Verification of the logic of games and gaming systems,
    • Verification of systems and environments of physical gaming devices,
    • Web and mobile pentests, 
    • Infrastructure pentests, 
    • Cloud infrastructure security tests, 
    • Native applications (i.e., thick client) security tests,
    • Social engineering and phishing attack simulations,
    • Red Teaming (tailored to the organization’s needs and targets),
    • Statistical analysis of source codes,
    • Verification of configuration of applications’ components and tools,
    • Security awareness training,
    • Good practices of secure coding trainings for developers,
    • Malware analysis,
    • Creating and implementing security features for applications (for example to protect against reverse engineering or to protect software activations processes),
    • Reverse engineering (for example of hardware tokens),
    • Cryptographic solutions security assessments,
    • Network devices security testing,
    • Network attacks vulnerability tests (like ARP spoofing or VLAN hopping),
    • Security analysis of equipment within web (servers, workstations),
    • Identification of unauthorized devices (for example cordless devices connected to the web),
    • Remote access security tests,
    • Auditing of internal and external communication filtering (like firewall configuration, IDS/IPS, WAF), 
    • Configuration of communication with resources testing (like SSL/TLS configuration or IPsec),
    • Testing aimed at assessing the risk of unauthorized data access (like financial data or other business sensitive data),
    • Assessment of the effectiveness of security mechanisms and environmental supervision (for example the effectiveness of SOC departments),
    • Radio communication analysis – evaluation of the bandwidth, communication method and protocols,
    • Verification of radio communication to ensure confidentiality of the transmitted data (to exclude the possibility of eavesdropping on sensitive data sent over a radio channel),
    • Verification of radio communication in terms of ensuring its availability, i.e., the possibility of transmission disruption, which can result in loss of control over the device,
    • Verification of radio communication in terms of ensuring its integrity (to exclude the possibility of unauthorized operations),
    • Assessment of the authentication model and the authorization of commands for devices (to exclude the possibility of taking complete control of the device by cybercriminals),
    • Tests of the implementation of standard radio communication protocols (e.g. RFID or Wi-Fi networks).
  • What you'll get working with us

    • A high-quality report presenting the results and the vulnerabilities found, together with the history of the individual steps that allowed for their discovery.
    • An opportunity of early detection of cyberthreats and determination of the location of weaknesses in security systems before they may be used by unauthorized outsiders.
    • Awareness of the technical and business implications of existing weaknesses which could be exploited by intruders.
    • Access to professional recommendations which can help prevent further problems and unfavorable scenarios.
    • Assurance you can focus on your organizational and strategic activities knowing that you minimized risks related to cyberthreats.
    • High-quality service appreciated by many valued clients and acknowledged by numerous recommendations.



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