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We professionally identify and eliminate cyberthreats. 

In todays’ heavily digitized world, wherever there are Internet transactions and financial funds transfers, cybercriminals always follow. At the same time, unprecedented amount of sensitive date is being processed every day as part of modern electronic banking web. 

Banking and Fintech sectors are exposed to a very high likelihood of negative scenarios, which can disrupt their operations. Financial institutions are particularly exposed to cyberincidents of various, often difficult to trace origins. This is why it’s so important to choose a reputable and established cybersecurity provider – it’s the only way to ensure full effectiveness of your cybersecurity program, prevent unwanted accidents and win the race against the criminals.

The reach and speed of absorption of technological innovation bear an enormous influence on banking and finance sectors. Staying on top of all changes depends on the set of carefully designed methods, but it’s crucial to align all innovation with current and often restrictive regulatory environment, and to do it as quickly as possible.

Change of preferences and ever evolving clients’ expectations related to seamless functionality and access to digital version of products lead to new solutions being introduced all the time. Those solutions can very quickly become catalysts of serious cyberthreats. This is the reason why all innovations within electronic banking, mobile payments, sales of financial products or sensitive data processing require fault-free and reliable safety mechanisms of the highest standards.

Many years of experience is showing that the right procedures combined with continuous development of security measures is the best security guard which allows to build the competitive edge on all stages of company’s development.

  • Why AFINE?

    AFINE is well-established in getting on top of most complex issues, turning risks into advantages, and implementing modern cybersecurity culture within companies. We support firms in finding their way in the cyberreality. We help our clients solve complex issues and deal with their everyday challenges.

    AFINE combines the right expertise, knowledge, and deep understanding of key aspects of security of information. We provide our clients with support tailored to their individual needs and expectations. We carefully follow Quality Assurance process, which is an integral part of all our projects. Our solutions are in line with highest EU standards.

    We offer our products to all types Banking and Fintech organizations including traditional institutions, challenger banks and startups. We already work with leading European and global banks and technological companies which value individual solutions of highest quality.   

  • Our services and areas of expertise:

    • Transactional and payment settlement systems tests,
    • Web and mobile pentests, 
    • Infrastructure pentests, 
    • Cloud infrastructure security tests, 
    • Native applications (i.e., thick client) security tests,
    • Social engineering and phishing attack simulations,
    • Red Teaming (tailored to the organization’s needs and targets),
    • Statistical analysis of source codes,
    • Verification of configuration of applications’ components and tools,
    • Security awareness training,
    • Good practices of secure coding trainings for developers,
    • Malware analysis,
    • Creating and implementing security features for applications (for example to protect against reverse engineering or to protect software activations processes),
    • Reverse engineering (for example of hardware tokens),
    • Cryptographic solutions security assessments,
    • Network devices security testing,
    • Network attacks vulnerability tests (like ARP spoofing or VLAN hopping),
    • Security analysis of equipment within web (servers, workstations),
    • Identification of unauthorized devices (for example cordless devices connected to the web),
    • Remote access security tests,
    • Auditing of internal and external communication filtering (like firewall configuration, IDS/IPS, WAF), 
    • Configuration of communication with resources testing (like SSL/TLS configuration or IPsec),
    • Testing aimed at assessing the risk of unauthorized data access (like financial data or other business sensitive data),
    • Assessment of the effectiveness of security mechanisms and environmental supervision (for example the effectiveness of SOC departments),
    • Radio communication analysis – evaluation of the bandwidth, communication method and protocols,
    • Verification of radio communication to ensure confidentiality of the transmitted data (to exclude the possibility of eavesdropping on sensitive data sent over a radio channel),
    • Verification of radio communication in terms of ensuring its availability, i.e., the possibility of transmission disruption, which can result in loss of control over the device,
    • Verification of radio communication in terms of ensuring its integrity (to exclude the possibility of unauthorized operations),
    • Assessment of the authentication model and the authorization of commands for devices (to exclude the possibility of taking complete control of the device by cybercriminals),
    • Tests of the implementation of standard radio communication protocols (e.g. RFID or Wi-Fi networks).
  • What you'll get working with us

    • A high-quality report presenting the results and the vulnerabilities found, together with the history of the individual steps that allowed for their discovery.
    • An opportunity of early detection of cyberthreats and determination of the location of weaknesses in security systems before they may be used by unauthorized outsiders.
    • Awareness of the technical and business implications of existing weaknesses which could be exploited by intruders.
    • Access to professional recommendations which can help prevent further problems and unfavorable scenarios.
    • Assurance you can focus on your organizational and strategic activities knowing that you minimized risks related to cyberthreats.
    • High-quality service appreciated by many valued clients and acknowledged by numerous recommendations.



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