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Cloud Computing is a truly revolutionary model of using information technology.

The ongoing digital transformation enters more and more markets and enterprises, opening access to a huge number of services and countless business scaling opportunities. But the influence of global technological trends on the current and future priorities of organizations has a certain impact on the safety sphere. This impact increases with the speed and scale of technology absorption. 

A good example is the migration of many businesses to the cloud environment in all its variants and models. The clearly visible adoption of the cloud in place of servers and traditional local solutions shifts a large part of the responsibility for data security to the end-users of the service.

Ubiquitous and convenient access to networks and computing resources changed the organizational and infrastructural paradigm. From the point of view of cloud risk management, an important aspect is who is responsible for the security of data. What matters most here is the right approach.

The dynamic development of information processing and storage technologies in the cloud environment has made the threats and challenges faced by both cooperating parties – service providers and their customers – become real. The service provider must ensure that the infrastructure it provides is secure. On the other hand, customers must take steps to eliminate configuration and architectural errors in the solutions provided. The coexistence of organizations in the cloud environment and numerous changes in their architecture may expose attack vectors and threats which were previously invisible.

  • Why AFINE?

    At AFINE, we comprehensively deal with cybersecurity of cloud environments. With many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the risks associated with the use of such solutions, we know how attackers find the weaknesses of this technology to obtain confidential data and use it for their own purposes.

    Our experts spend a lot of time getting to know our customers, their needs, and problems. As a result, they offer them the most beneficial and the most effective cybersecurity strategy. Our offer is dedicated to organizations which use all forms of cloud solutions. It enables the maximum use of available solutions using the existing security mechanisms.

  • Our services and areas of expertise:

    Cloud architecture review:

    • Security of the cloud environment concept,
    • Verification of additional, unwanted components (e.g., cryptocurrency mining software),
    • Verification of the method and scope of using the accounts with the highest privileges,
    • Use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all users,
    • Credential management,
    • Access key management.

    Configuration review:

    • Overview of the configuration of each service in accordance with best practices,
    • Checking redundant permissions of tested components, 
    • Verification of a possibility of confidential information leakage, 
    • Verification of a possibility of unauthenticated operations within environmental components.

    Pentests of sensitive cloud-based services, especially in terms of the ability to get to internal resources. Examples of attack vectors:

    • Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF),
    • XML eXternal Entity (XXE),
    • Remote Code Execution (RCE),
    • “Event Injection” in AWS Lambda,

    Verification of the monitoring process:

    • The method of logs protection (system logs), 
    • A possibility of interference with the collected logs, 
    • Existence of the login process in all segments of the cloud environment,
    • Logging of access to resources in which the logs are stored,
    • Encryption of event logs, 
    • Existence of an appropriate monitoring and alerting process in case of:
      • An unauthorized API call,
      • Logging to the management console without Multi-Factor Authentication,
      • Using the “root” account, 
      • Configuration changes in the login service,
      • Incorrect authentication in the management console,
      • Changes to the rules / policies of buckets,
      • Changes to the configuration of the cloud environment,
      • Changes in security groups,
      • Gateway changes.
  • What you'll get working with us

    • A high-quality report presenting the results and the vulnerabilities found, together with the history of the individual steps that allowed for their discovery.
    • An opportunity of early detection of cyberthreats and determination of the location of weaknesses in security systems before they may be used by unauthorized outsiders.
    • Awareness of the technical and business implications of existing weaknesses which could be exploited by intruders.
    • Access to professional recommendations which can help prevent further problems and unfavorable scenarios.
    • Assurance you can focus on your organizational and strategic activities knowing that you minimized risks related to cyberthreats.
    • High-quality service appreciated by many valued clients and acknowledged by numerous recommendations.



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