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Unusual queries? We can help.
Unusual queries? We can help.

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Detailed, customised report

Detailed, customised, and reliably prepared report presenting accurate results and list of vulnerabilities found, along with a reconstruction of individual steps taken to identify them.

Ability to detect cyber threats early

The ability to detect cyber threats early and determine the location of vulnerabilities in security systems before their intentional use by an unauthorized person.

Access to professional recommendations

Access to professional recommendations to prevent further problems and the development of the situation in unfavorable directions for the organization.

Gain confidence and guarantee

Gain confidence and guarantee of free continuation of operational and strategic activities while mitigating risk.

Technical and businesss Knowledge

Knowledge of the technical and business consequences of exploiting existing vulnerabilities by intruders.

The highest quality service

The highest quality service recognized by significant clients and confirmed by numerous recommendations, which are the result of satisfactory cooperation on numerous projects.

IBM i Access Client Solutions vulnerabilities

Read about multiple vulnerabilities in IBM i Access Client Solutions software related to connecting AS400 servers. Chaining those vulnerabilities could allow remote attackers to access client and server machines.


OWASP Top 10 for LLM Applications

Understand the risks associated with the use of large language models based on the OWASP Top 10 for LLMs list. The article aims to illustrate and explain through examples the vulnerabilities in applications that use LLMs.

  • AFINE is a flexible and efficient group of skilled pentesters. In the last three years since Isabel works with them, AFINE moved from being a third-choice pentesting supplier to Isabel's first-choice pentesting partner.

    They keep finding important, and in few cases even critical issues in places where other pentesters have not found them. They are flexible to accommodate Isabel's requests, using a scoping process to setup the pentesting in a way that will maximize the input to the risk management.

    Cedomir Karlicic

    Head of Security, Isabel Group

  • AFINE is our partner who provides security testing since 2020. During this period we tested many applications and we're always satisfied with the service. The tests were performed with the highest due care and the AFINE team identified many advanced vulnerabilities which helped us strengthen application security.

    The reports have great quality with a clear explanation of the risks and a sufficient level of detail for quick remediation. AFINE is a very flexible partner, and can always meet our aggressive deadlines for testing.

    I highly recommend AFINE as a trusted partner in cybersecurity.

    Jacek Skorupka

    Group Cybersecurity Director, Medicover

  • I used the services of AFINE experts many times and each time they found new, creative ways to increase the security of the applications they tested. Even in places other experts thought were armored.

    Cezary Piekarski
  • I am super impressed. This is really thorough. You have uncovered vulnerabilities that our previous pentest failed to detect. Incredible work. Thank you very much!

    Kevin Cadman

    Director of DevOps & Infrastructure, KingMakers

  • We have been cooperating with AFINE for over 5 years. During these several years, AFINE has performed several dozen security audits and tests for BGK, including penetration tests, security analyzes, tests for abuse, and source code reviews. All works were always performed at the highest level and on time, and the commitment valuation was adequate to the type of system/application and the scope of security tests. I appreciate the AFINE company for its professionalism, flexible approach, and partnership cooperation.

    Krzysztof Murawski

    Department of Security, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

  • The AFINE team performed application analysis and tests of IT environments for us. Provision of services - at the highest level. Information received and knowledge transferred - priceless. I recommend it with a clear conscience, although you have to be prepared for strong impressions.

    Marek Krzyżanowski

    IT Director, Apator Group

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